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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Bush Chooses a Top Pentagon Aide to Head the World Bank

Bad news for developing countries when such a warmonger and an ultra-conservative theoretician becomes head of the most important internation development institutions. :(

NY Times

WASHINGTON, March 16 - President Bush said today that he would nominate Paul D. Wolfowitz, the deputy secretary of defense and one of the chief architects of the invasion of Iraq two years ago, to become president of the World Bank.
The announcement, coming on the heels of the appointment of John R. Bolton as the new American ambassador to the United Nations, was greeted with quiet anguish in those foreign capitals where the Iraq conflict and its aftermath remain deeply unpopular, and where Mr. Wolfowitz's drive to spread democracy around the world has been viewed with some suspicion.
In Washington, the appointment removes Mr. Wolfowitz from the president's inner circle and a skilled bureaucratic in-fighter from the Pentagon. It clears the way for Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to take further control of Iraq policy, and opens the field for possible successors to Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld, whose future is a constant source of speculation in Washington.
The World Bank is the institution that allocates the resources and sets development policy for much of the third world, and Mr. Wolfowitz's appointment to succeed James D. Wolfensohn raises questions about whether Mr. Wolfowitz's ideological views will be reflected in development decisions. But as American ambassador to Indonesia from 1986 to 1989, Mr. Wolfowitz developed a passion for development and aid issues, and Mr. Bush said today that "Paul is committed to development," adding, "He's a compassionate, decent man who will do a fine job."
Despite the displeasure of some diplomats who had hoped that the administration would appoint a person without the almost radioactive reputation of a committed ideologue, they said that they expected Mr. Wolfowitz to receive the approval of the World Bank's board of directors in time for Mr. Wolfensohn's departure in May.

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  • The appointment of John R. Bolton as US ambassador to UN is also a bad news.

    "There is no such thing as the United Nations. There is only the international community, which can only be led by the only remaining superpower, which is the United States." (John R. Bolton, Federalist Society forum, 1994)

    By Blogger hanoiheesy, at 3/24/2005 9:32 PM  

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